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The Light

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  • "The Light" is a fiction novel that describes the life of a hypermodern society in which the speed of exponential development of technology has modified behavioral patterns, life expectancy, memory and the imagination of the human being. The plot of “The Light” moves in the midst of individual post-truth of the protagonist, President Salvador Leal, and the antagonist, President Jackie Peres, concerning their vision of the planet, the human species and the conservation of freedom in the face of new technology. The characters are from two distinct demographic groups: those who have improved their capacities and the ones who have kept themselves natural. In the middle of their diverse lights and shadows, the possibility remains to preserve the freedom of decision to access or withdraw from new technologies to enjoy natural beauty, shared joy, empathy and solidarity. Hypermodern life is the darkness of uncertainty that can only be survived with the light of candor.

Es un día soleado y, de repente, sin saber por qué, escuchas el silencio y un jardín secreto sucede dentro de ti donde conversan las sensaciones, colores, aromas y cantos. Te sorprende lo pequeño del polvo y lo inmenso del cielo. Levantas la vista y observas el sol y la luna que no se ha ido. Saludas al infinito y a la belleza que brota por sí misma y simplemente es. Un segundo parece interminable y la eternidad tan fugaz como un instante.
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