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The Brief

Will artificial intelligence be used to prolong human life and pursue immortality?

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Is it worth living over a hundred years?
  • With exceptional clarity and lucidity, the novel LO BREVE, with suspense, tension and unexpected twists, addresses a crucial and bordering concern that many readers question: the tempting claim to use artificial intelligence and biotechnology to prolong human life and delay as much as possible the arrival of death.  It invites the reader to reflect on a profound and defining theme of the human being: its finiteness.


  • The plot addresses the emotional journey of the protagonist, Pedro Romero. His psychological arc for the experience of living as a refugee together with his parents in Icaria, a Greek island, during the Tragic Decade and the Absurd War; the three decades of research on how to delay cellular aging; the death of his wife for having applied to him the first version of his Youth Injection;  the journey of his parents through Antarctica; his ambition to have the formula of eternal youth to win the Prize of Vanguard in Biomedicine; the regional blocs' commercial dispute over controlling their discovery; the harassment and charges of corruption and murder of his wife by prosecutor Leo Soto; the trial and sentencing of a robotic judge with artificial intelligence; the rejection of his daughter; the platonic love of his assistant Lila; his seclusion and the gradual acceptance that the Youth Injection he discovered is limited because there are a thousand ways to die and that life is finally beautiful, but brief.

It's a sunny day, and suddenly, without knowing why, you hear the silence, and a secret garden happens inside you where sensations, colors, aromas, and songs converse. You're surprised by the smallness of dust and the immensity of the sky. You look up and observe the sun and the moon that haven't left. You greet infinity and the beauty that springs forth by itself and simply is. A second seems endless, and eternity as fleeting as an instant.
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