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About me

I am Fernando Viveros, a Mexican who writes psychological thrillers on global and contemporary issues, always seeking new ways of storytelling. I have written five novels that deal with the evolution of human emotions through interaction with artificial intelligence, the insertion of technology into the human body, genetic programming, the loss of freedom due to hyper-vigilance and digital control on social networks, space colonization, and the ambition to extend human life expectancy.

In my novels I propose a strategic, innovative, and avant-garde editorial line in the realm of novels, movies, and series on current topics: strengthening humanism in the era of artificial intelligence that we are currently living in.

I wake up early, appreciate sunrises, meditate, walk, swim in the sea, read, sing, dance, converse, and am always writing. I am a percussionist, music lover, sommelier, chess player, chronic traveler across all six continents since childhood and proud father of a poet son and lawyer daughter.


I hold two Ph.D. degrees, one in creative writing and the other in law. I was a diplomat in Washington, D.C. and in Los Angeles, California, as well as the Executive Secretary of the National Council for Culture and the Arts in Mexico and the Director General of Educational Services in Mexico City. I owned and ran a digital newspaper for ten years that reported on the social usages of new technologies and covered significant international congresses on the subject. For the past five years, I have devoted myself full-time to reading and writing.

I have published in Spain with Lantia Publishing the novels CANDIDEZ (translated into English as THE LIGHT and published in a bilingual edition), Y SEGUIREMOS SIENDO NOSOTROS (currently being adapted to a screenplay for a TV series), RESISTIREMOS (also being adapted to a screenplay for a TV series), SOMOS (translated into Italian as the LA MUSICA D'ELL UNIVERSO), LO BREVE (Translated into Inglis as THE BRIEF and published in the USA). All my novels have been received well and shown interest from readers at a dozen International Book Fairs: Guadalajara, Madrid, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Panama, Guatemala, Havana, the Mining Palace UNAM, the Zócalo in Mexico City, Monterrey, Chihuahua, as well as at bookstores, universities, and reading groups in Mexico City.

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